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    Great prices. I am also very happy about how quickly my whip cream bulbs arrived.


    Melbourne, Australia

    I wanted the confidence of using a top brand so the Cream Charger Warehouse is a great place for me to purchase from.


    Brisbane, Australia

    I always go to the Cream Charger Warehouse to purchase whipped cream cartridges & whippers.


    Sydney, Australia

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    We stock a range of the highest quality whipped cream chargers and cream whippers to meet your needs. We have all of the top brands including Supremewhip & Ezywhip Ultra cream whippers. perfect for whipping ingredients such as whipped creams, sauces, mousses;  Supremewhip, SSES and MOSA filled with pure Linde N2O gas, Bestwhip chargers are filled with pure Linde N2O gas & Ezywhip Pro nitrous oxide cream bulbs filled with pure Linde N2O gas (nitrous oxide N2O) and made with quality steel.

    One 8g charger will whip a litre of whipping cream and results in more volume than mechanical whipping. Visit our shop to browse our full range of gourmet whip cream chargers and cream whippers.

    We stock all of the major brands including:

    MOSA – Manufactured in Taiwan in a purpose built factory MOSA chargers are filled with pure Linde N2O gas. 

    Bestwhip – Also manufactured in Taiwan in the MOSA factory, bestwhip is one of the most popular charger brands worldwide. 

    Whip-it – Manufactured in Europe, Whip-it chargers are a premium brand and meet the most stringent European standards.

    Ezywhip Pro – Also manufactured in Taiwan in the MOSA factory. 

    Supremewhip – Manufactured in China. Supremewhip are meet the CE certification requirements.

    Nitrous chargers have many different culinary applications. N2O chargers are great for… thats right whipping cream. Whipped cream is an excellent add on for many foods and drinks. Perfect for various deserts such as cakes, pastries, pancakes. Whipped cream is also great on drinks such as coffee frappes, hot chocolate, milkshakes and cocktails. Recently N2O chargers are becoming popular in cocktail making as a flavor infusing agent. Infusing flavors into alcohol can make great cocktails. However, the process to infuse flavors take weeks or months. Using N2O chargers can spped up the flavor infusing so that it only takes minutes. This can allow people to try out new and interesting flavors in cocktails without the long wait!